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Ocarina of Thyme Askblog!

Extra Drawings

Some behind-the-scenes sketches and whatnot of the process of making this comic. What, you thought we just threw this together? For shame! A good dungeoneer is always prepared! I hope you brought a fairy.

Newest at the top, oldest at the bottom.

Silver and Vexx need to get down to business...

Preview of pg.01 of Chapter 4, by Silver, who will be doing character inking and coloring for the next round.

Vexx's new design work!

Silver's doodles of some newer designs and future looks.

Concept sketch by Silver based on the Hylian Warriors game.

A 300-fan thank you, drawn by Silver!

Thumbnails for Ch. 2 from Silver's notebook.

Thanks for 200 fans, drawn by Vexx!!

Some early Ch. 2 sketches from Silver.

A Skyward Vexx

A thank you for 100 fans, drawn by Silver.

Silver's sketches in preparation for Ch. 2. Psyche!

Proof that Vexx's bandana does more than look pretty.

Quick concept of Silver for Chapter 2.

Sketches from Vexx of his design and equipment, along with interesting summaries of each.

Quick concept sketches from Silver's school notebook, mostly rough ideas of pokesona design and respective items.

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